Walter Westervelt

About me

Walter is the co-founder of a small firm specializing in Business Development as a Service, responsible specifically for the Strategic Sales and Key Account Management Practice.  Walter has been building and managing global teams for over 15 years as a global Director of Strategic Account Management and Sales. He has an exceptional track record of exceeding both sales and non-revenue business objectives.  

Teams under his direction have closed multi-million Euro global engagements primarily to various industry segments, in particular key players in the financial services and IT industry. Over the past decade he and his teams have won partnership agreements in dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and the USA.  

Walter is currently a guest lecturer on International Sales, Strategic Account Management at Goethe Univerität in Frankfurt where he is also an advisor in the ‘Unibator’; the University’s start-up incubator.

Walter earned a BS in International Business and European Studies.  He speaks native English and fluent German