Vortrag von Interbrand in "Innovationsmanagement"

During the lecture "Innovation management" by Ms. Rosenthal, Mr. Rivolta from Interbrand (Associate Director Strategy) will join for a presentation called "Breakthrough growth".


In the upcoming talk, the innovation management topic will be considered in context of the success drivers identified in the Interbrand study "Breakthrough Brands", the next generation of brands who are reshaping the market and embody a critical characteristic-growth.

Breakthroughs reflect the times we are in — the Age of You — when brands and businesses need to move faster than ever before. That’s because they are expected to move at the speed of people’s demands — at the speed of their lives. It’s an age defined by the fact that people want to be in control or, more specifically, to personally design the life they want to live. And people are using brands to do it, because brands are the vehicles through which things happen.


The topic will be presented in english. You are welcome to join us friday evening, 11th of November 2016, 5:30pm to 6:45pm at Campus Westend, Seminarhaus (seminar house) room 3.101.