Members of the Marketing Department Team recently took part in European Marketing Accosiation Conference (EMAC). Our researcher Elham Maleki is reporting from. *Link*[mehr]

Als Abschluss des Master Kurses "Innovationsmanagement" von Beate Rosenthal trafen sich die Studenten der Goethe Universität am Eröffnungstag der diesjährigen Messe "Ambiente" zum Thema "Schutz von Innovationen" ebendort. Frau Müller, Fachreferentin der Messe Frankfurt stellte den Studenten Ihre Serviceinitiative zum Schutz vor Produkt- und Markenpiraterie vor. Die...[mehr]

The Chairman of the Board and Group CEO of Verivox, Chris Öhlund, was our guest in the pricing lecture of Ass.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Miller with a talk on “Price Comparison Platforms in the Data Economy”. In his talk Mr. Öhlund discussed the future challenges of an online price comparison platform and illustrated the major trends for the upcoming years. The increasing personalization of services and...[mehr]

Prof. Dr. Martin Natter accepted an offer from University of Zurich and is since February 1st a Professor of Marketing in Zurich. From 2005 until 2016 he was the Hans Strothoff endowed Professor of Retailing at Goethe University. During his time in Frankfurt he contributed significantly by his research output, his supervision of junior researchers, his teaching, his engagement as the Scientific...[mehr]

Dr. Dirk Freund, Vorstand Forschung und Entwicklung, Aesculap AG, zum Thema "How to fire up the innovation engine?"[mehr]

Dr. Johann F. Thieme from the Pricing-Consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners visited the lecture from Assistant Professor Dr. Klaus Miller and gave a talk on the current topic of „Behavioral Pricing: How to Turn Insights into Practice“.   In his talk Dr. Thieme introduced the central price effects from theory and illustrated their usage in business practice using many illustrative...[mehr]