Art Exhibition at the Marketing Departement: Christian Firley / Art made in Frankfurt

Change of perspective or the second life: From marketing back to art - back to the roots.

After finishing his high school diploma with a major in art in 1984, Christian Firley completed an apprenticeship as professional lithographer, copysetter and artwork producer. The specific craft and expertise that he acquired as tradesman, perfectly augmented his autodidactic artistic skills to that date. At the end of the 1980s, he completed his formal education with a degree in marketing and communications, parallel to his creative work as painter.

In 1989, he began his professional career in the tourism industry. In the following years, he gained substantial managerial experience with focus on brand manage-ment, marketing and communications in well-known companies in the travel trade.

In 2005, Christian received an unusual offer to join a German Bundesliga soccer club to manage all financial, organizational and commercial functions of the club and prepare them organizationally for their impending rise into the first league. After exciting and fulfilling years with the soccer club and his overall tenure in the travel industry, Christian decided to make himself independent as Management Consultant for marketing / -services, digitisation, cost management and organizational development.

And on this journey, art has been his steady companion.

In addition to the commissioned art, which is mostly portrait painting; Christian also focuses strongly on the field of experimental painting. He presents his works mostly through private exhibitions thereby reaching an increasingly broad public. Some of his original paintings are already part of private collections.

Presently Christian Firley exhibits his art work at the departement of marketing, RuW building.