DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer April 2019

Change of mood is not permanent

Significant growth in almost all indicators in March suggested an upswing in the marketing sector. In April, it became clear that this upswing was probably not sustainable in many respects. The business climate index for the marketing sector fell by a substantial 2.4 points in April, thus largely eroding the upswing of the previous month (+3.1 points). As in the previous month, the DMV-ifo business climate thus roughly resembled that of the ifo business climate index for the German economy as a whole. However, the strength of the latter's movements is much less pronounced. The ifo business climate index lost 0.5 points in April, after an increase of 1.0 points in the previous month. The reason for the decline in the DMV-ifo business climate is the revision of the positive business expectations of the previous month. After their indicator gained a clear 8.8 points in March, it now had to cope directly with a minus of 8.3 points in April. In view of this massive decline, the improvement in the indicator of the assessment of the business situation (+3.8 points), which in itself was actually strong, could at best cushion the downward trend in the business climate. Apart from the improved perception of the business situation, the marketing companies surveyed in April were only more satisfied with the assessment of the order backlog (+ 6.1 points) than in the previous month. For all other indicators, however, their assessment was more pessimistic than in March. Both the indicators in the hiring plans and the indicator of price expectations suffered a moderate loss (-0.9 / -1.6 points). With a minus of 14.4 points, the indicator of sales expectations even lost more than it has in almost six years.


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