DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer August 2022

August survey: slightly positive development of sentiment after slump in previous month

After the self-assessment of the German marketing industry deteriorated dramatically in July, this trend did not continue in August. All indicators, with the exception of price expectations, are rising slightly again compared to the previous month. Thus, the downward trend seems to have stopped for the time being.

The business climate of German marketeers rises slightly by 1.8 points to an index value of 86.5 points. At the same time, the ifo Business Climate Index as a benchmark for the German economy as a whole falls marginally by -0.2 points to an almost unchanged 88.5 points. The assessment of the marketing business situation also changed little, rising by 0.9 points to an index of 92.1 points in the current month. With an increase of 2.6 points, the business expectations of the marketing industry rose somewhat more significantly in August to an index value of 81.2 points. However, the main indicators of the DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer are still significantly below the values before the July slump.

All other indicators of the barometer rose in August - only price expectations fell slightly. With a balance value of -5.2 (+8.0) points, the assessment of the order backlog rises the most, but remains in negative territory. Expectations regarding the number of employees, which are at 17.7 (+1.0) points on balance, and turnover expectations, which are at 10.4 (+0.5) points on balance, increase only slightly. While price expectations remain at a high level with a balance of 38.6 (-2.1) points, they declined slightly in August.


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