DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer December 2020

Not much change in the marketing indicators before the start of the tighter lockdown.

After the "lockdown light" in November was accompanied by a noticeable deterioration of the marketing indicators, the three main indicators change inconsistently in December. However, the survey period is still before the start of the tightened lockdown in mid-December.The marketing business climate index remains almost constant compared to the previous month of November, falling by 0.3 points to 81.4 points. Thus, the business climate at the end of the year remains about 13 points below the annual high reached in January and about 18 points above the low reached in April. By contrast the ifo Business Climate Index, the benchmark for the German economy as a whole, improved slightly by 1.2 points to an index value of 92.1. The business situation and the business expectations of the German marketing industry changed similarly strongly in December, but in opposite directions. While the assessment of the current business situation is 3.0 points worse than in the previous month at 77.9 points, business expectations improve by 2.7 points compared to November to a value of 85.0 points to a value of 85.0 points. The remaining indicators of the DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer also paint a mixed picture. The order backlog declines significantly in December to a balance value of -32.9 (-4.0) points, and a very narrow majority of respondents also anticipate a decline in prices with a balance value of -0.3 (-2.0) points. On the other hand, in December both the expectations regarding the number of persons employed improved to -6.9 (+0.6) points, as did turnover expectations to -3.0 (+5.8) points. Despite a partly better assessment in the last month of the year, all indicators on a balance basis are worse in 2020 than in 2019. A majority of respondents thus anticipate a deterioration in all areas even before the effects of the second "hard lockdown" are measured.



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