DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer July 2022

July survey of the DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer: Significant decline in the marketing industry's mood

In July, the self-assessment of the German marketing industry deteriorates drastically. After a small decline in the previous month, almost all indicators of the DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer fall significantly in the July survey. Accordingly, the industry is noticeably less optimistic about the future than it was just a few months ago.

The business climate in the German Marketeers drops significantly in July by 7.9 points to an index value of 84.6 points. This means that the business climate assessment of the marketing industry is falling more sharply than that of the German economy as a whole - the ifo Business Climate Index nevertheless drops noticeably by 3.6 points to 88.6 points. In addition, the self-assessment of the marketing business situation also deteriorated. This index drops by 3.1 points to a value of 91.4 points. However, business expectations in the marketing sector deteriorated most sharply. German marketeers are now - with a deterioration of 12.4 points to an index value of 78.3 points - almost as pessimistic about the future as they were in May 2020.

All other indicators, with the exception of price expectations, also fall in July. The assessment of the order backlog falls back into negative territory for the first time since April, with a balance value of -12.8 (-14.4) points. In addition, expectations with regard to the number of employees have decreased significantly. In July, this balance value amounts to 16.8 (-7.1) points. The sharpest decline is seen in sales expectations. German marketeers now estimate their future sales at a balance value of 8.9 (-30.9) points. Only the assessments of price expectations remain almost constant at a balance of 41.0 (0.3) points.


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