DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer May 2019

Again better mood and little upswing in the marketing sector

After the business climate index for the marketing sector collapsed in April after an upswing in March (-2.4 points), a new upswing in sentiment can be observed in May. With an increase of 1.8 points, the slump in April is largely offset.

In contrast to the previous month, the DMV-ifo business climate is therefore not the same as the ifo business climate index for the German economy as a whole. The ifo Business Climate Index shows a slight slump of 1.3 points. Although the slump is weaker than the upswing in the DMV-ifo business climate, different developments can be observed here. The origin of the increase in the DMV-ifo business climate can be found in the sharp rise in business expectations, since, contrary to the previous month, there is a rising trend here. After having to cope with a minus of 8.3 points in April, a strong increase of 5.5 points can now be observed. Despite this massive increase, the business situation shows an opposite trend, with a loss of 2.1 points. After a strong increase in April, the surveyed marketing companies are much more pessimistic with regard to the assessment of the order backlog. A massive decline of 16.9 points can be observed. Despite the generally positive mood, a decline (-4.0 and -1.1 points) can also be recorded in the expectations for the number of jobs and sales expectations.


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