DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer September 2018

Optimistic business expectations drive further upswing

The mood in the marketing sector improved noticeably once again in September. The business climate index recorded its fourth consecutive increase and now stands at 99.2 points after an increase of +0.9 points. Since the perception of the business situation in September remained largely unchanged (+0.06 points), this gain is primarily attributable to a significantly improved business expectation (+1.7 points).

In contrast to the marketing sector, the business climate in the German economy as a whole has improved in theSeptember slightly worsened. The ifo business climate index in question lost -0.2 points. It should be noted, however, that the index recorded one of the strongest increases in recent years in the previous month (+2.2 points). A similar pattern can also be seen in the assessment of price expectations in the marketing sector. In the previous month their balance value had had to cope with one of the strongest losses since the beginning of the investigations, but was now able to stabilize somewhat in September with a moderate increase of +0.6 points. The indicator for recruitment plans also stabilised somewhat in September. After an extremely strong rise of +9.2 points in July, the indicator rose only slightly by +0.4 points in September, as in the previous month. However, no such stabilisation can be observed in the sales expectations indicator. With an increase of +8.3 points, this indicator continues the extremely volatile course of the previous months. Only the indicator used to assess the order backlog suffered significant losses in September. After being in perceptibly positive territory again in the last two months, for the first time since the end of 2017, it lost a clear -3.4 points in September and returned to negative territory with the resulting balance of -0.2 points.


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