DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer September 2020

Further slight recovery of the marketing industry

In September 2020, the German marketing industry estimates itself to be slightly better than in the previous month of August, based on almost all the indicators collected in the DMV-ifo-Marketing Barometer. After pronounced volatility between March and July, the three main indicators are now changing only slightly for the third month in succession.

In September, the Marketing Business Climate Index rose by 1.3 percentage points to 84.8 points, around ten points below the annual high in January. The marketing sector continues to develop almost parallel to the overall economy, as measured by the ifo Business Climate Index, which improved by 0.9 points to 93.4 points in September. The assessment of the business situation in the marketing sector also increased by 0.9 points to an index value of 77.0. While all three main indicators were always assessed similarly before the crisis, the recovery of the three values now diverges significantly. The business situation is recovering the slowest and is still around 17 points away from its annual high (January). By contrast, business expectations in September, at 93.3 (+1.8) points, are only around two points below the January figure. The order backlog in the marketing sector also changed slightly and improved to a value of -40.6 (+5.2 points). Compared to the previous month, German marketers' estimates of the number of employees rose much more sharply to a positive balance of 3.5 (+14.9 points) and sales expectations to 28.5 (+15.0 points). Only the balance of the price expectations continues to be characterized by strong volatility and falls in September after an almost equally clear plus in the previous month by 15.9 points to a balance of 1.4.


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