DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer September 2021

Little change in assessment in the marketing industry

In September, the confidence of the German marketing industry changed only slightly compared with the previous month. Following slight declines in the main indicators in August, the mood among marketers has stabilized.

The marketing industry's assessment of the current business climate in September was 0.7 points better than in the previous month at 94.0 points. The ifo Business Climate Index, the benchmark for the German economy as a whole, deteriorated by 0.8 points to 98.8 points in the same period. The assessment of the current business situation remained unchanged in the current month at 91.5 points. The business expectations of German marketeers improved slightly by 1.5 points to 96.6 points in September. Thus, all three main indicators of the DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer remain at roughly similar levels.

Among the other indicators, only the expectation of the number of employees rises to a balance of 27.6 (+3.6) points compared to the previous month. All other balance values declined moderately. The balance of orders on hand is estimated at -9.6 (-1.2) points, while sales expectations fall to a balance of 33.5 (-2.4) points in September. The price expectations of the marketing sector are also declining, currently standing at 25.5 (-1.7) points on balance.


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