Goethe marketing department with 13 papers at 2017 ISMS Marketing Science Conference!

ISMS Marketing Science Conference, 7th June - 10th June 2017 in Los Angeles, USA

Again the Goethe marketing department is highly represented at the ISMS Marketing Science Conference from 7th June - 10th June 2017 in Los Angeles. In total 13 papers will be presented.


  • How Does Digital Advertising Impact Firm Performance and Firm Value?

      Shuba Srinivasan, Emanuel Bayer, Edward Riedl, Bernd Skiera

  • The Impact Of Display Ad Viewability On Advertising Effectiveness

       Christina Uhl, Nadia Abou Nabout, Klaus Miller

  • The Perils Of Ignoring The Budget Constraint In Single-unit Demand Models

      Max Pachali, Peter Kurz, Thomas Otter

  • The Triple Role Of Price

      Julia Wamsler, Jochen Reiner, Martin Natter

  • Are Breaking News Worth Paying For? Exogenous Demand Shocks And The Effect Of Paywalls On Online Newspaper Readership

       Klaus Miller, Kathrin Gruber

  • The Impact of Hard- and Soft-Floors in Real-Time Advertising Auctions on Publisher’s Profit

       Steffen Foersch, Marc Heise, Bernd Skiera

  • Consumer Protection And The Lack Of Regulation Of Innovative Enterprises

       Christian Schulze, Daniel Blaseg, Bernd Skiera

  • The Impact Of Symbolic Advertising And Symbol Affinity On Consumers' Ad Processing And Evaluations

       Eliza K. Pott, Jan R. Landwehr

  • Beating the Going-Public Effect in Firm Innovation

       Christine Moorman, Simone Wies

  • Economic Consequences Of Cookie Deletion

        Klaus Miller, Bernd Skiera

  • A Comparison Of Methods To Calculate Return Rates: Evidence From 16 Retailers

       Namig Nurullayev, Siham El Kihal, Bernd Skiera, Christian Schulze

  • The Drivers And Consequences Of Ad Blocking

        Evert de Haan

  • Models Of Endogenous Willingness To Respond In Choice Experiments

       Tetyana Kosyakova, Thomas Otter, Felix Eggers