Guest Lecture „Conjoint Analysis: A Practioners View“ from Philipp Fessler (LINK Institute)

Phillipp Fessler as a guest in the pricing lecture of Prof. Dr. Klaus Miller

In the Pricing lecture of Prof. Dr. Klaus Miller Philipp Fessler, Head of Analytics of the market research institute LINK headquartered in Lucerne, Zurich and Frankfurt discussed his view about using the conjoint analysis in business practice.


The LINK Institute uses various conjoint procedures in the field of product development, pricing and portfolio optimization, as well as for market segmentation. The aim is to provide quantitative support for marketing decisions. It was particularly exciting to see that conjoint methods are now used in almost all industries and for example, to measure the willingness to pay of non-marketable goods such as for example fresh air or avalanche protection walls in the Alps


Many thanks to Philipp Fessler for his interesting insights into the use of conjoint analysis at the market research institute LINK.