Presentation "Innovation in advertising and advertising in innovation" of Andrew Hammett (Procter and Gamble)

The presentation "Innovation in advertising and advertising in innovation" of Andrew Hammett, Director of Brand Building Integrated Communications from Procter and Gamble, provides students and guests numerous insights and examples of how to advertise innovation and what makes advertising innovative. 

When creating innovative advertising you have to know “the who” = your target group and what is innovative for your brands who. Consumer goods often deliver old benefits but companies have to sell it in new ways with new ideas.

Always build the brand. Build or twist the product benefit so that it gives relevance to customers. Make it credible and outstanding. It is important to know your target group and its needs. A product which is innovative for yourself is maybe too innovative for your parents. 

Mr. Hammett presented many examples of successful advertising and integrated the students by asking them what they think a specific ad is about and what is innovative. Some discussed examples are: 

By asking “who remembers a slogan of an ad from their childhood”, he showed how much impact brands and slogans have and how important it is to create a strong brand image. "Slogans stay for a lifetime"

He finished his presentation by showing ads of Christmas themes with just the assets of a typical brand (e.g. colours, characteristics, shapes) which all could be recognized by the students. But what’s new in advertising? New Assets, new product lines which are advertised, based on the target group via an ad-server controlled delivery to SmartTVs for instance.

Many thanks to Andrew Hammett for his exciting presentation.