S&P Global reports on Cookie research project of Goethe University

Standard and Poor's Global Marketing Intelligence in New York reports recently for digital advertising and tech industry analysts about the cookie research project of Klaus Miller and Bernd Skiera

In this project, the authors examine the economic loss that companies experience when giving consumers more privacy. Miller and Skiera specifically examined this with the example of cookies on the Internet.

Cookies are small files that are set by web pages and stored in the browser by consumers. The European Commission is currently discussing, as part of the introduction of the Data Protection Regulation (DSVGO) and the revision of the ePrivacy Directive, whether the lifetime of these cookies should be limited, e.g. on 1 or 2 years.

For this, the authors consider for their research the cookies of 54,127 consumers who have received over 130 million advertisements over a period of 2.5 years.

It is taken advantage from the fact that the prices paid for these advertisements include the information collected through the cookies. Initial results show that shortening the lifetime to one year shortens cookie lifetime by 16.2%, resulting in an economic loss of 8.1%.


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