Bachelor and Master Thesis at the Chair

Bachelor theses at our chair are centrally assigned via QIS. If you apply, we assume that you have electronic commerce skills you ideally gained attending one or more of our faculty's lectures. Ideally, you also have appropriate knowledge of statistical programs for empirical work.

Before the allocation of Bachelor's Thesis starts via QIS, you will find a list of topics offered by our Department here. Once you have been assigned a bachelor thesis at our chair, we will inform you about the details of the assignment of bachelor thesis' topics. For students with outstanding academic achievements, we offer the opportunity to supervise them apart from QIS. In that case you should have strong electronic commerce skills, e.g., demonstrated by attending classes in our department. We also expect you to have concrete ideas for your bachelor thesis. You can find further information regarding your bachelor thesis at our department as well as the current bachelor thesis topics at the chair of Electronic Commerce here. For specific inquiries, please contact Orian Mahlow via e-Mail.

Besides the supervision of your bachelor thesis we offer you the possibility to hold a 15 minute presentation of your topic at our chair. The presentation will not be included in the evaluation of your Bachelor thesis, but it helps to get feedback on your work. Your supervisor will provide you with the exact dates for presentations. Make sure that you hold such a presentation at least 2 weeks before your deadline so that you can incorporate the feedback. More details about a possible presentation you find here

At the Chair of Electronic Commerce, we also supervise students who would like to write their master thesis. You can find the topics for master theses in the current semester here.