If you are interested writing your dissertation at my chair

I really enjoy working with my doctoral students and I am very happy to have a number of doctoral students that stayed in academia and enjoy doing research. You can sincerely assume that I am happy to supervise and work with doctoral students very intensively. I have a very strong interest in your cumulative dissertation from which at least one project should have a reasonable chance of getting published in a top journal.

So if you are primarily interested in a quick dissertation, then I am certainly not the right supervisor. My goal is to create conditions that allow staff members at the chair to complete their doctorate in about three years.

In addition to the possibility to discuss your dissertation project at any time, we organize a colloquium for doctoral students about every three months, where all doctoral students have enough time to present their projects and receive feedback from me, but also from the other doctoral students. Each doctoral student receives a research budget, which is performance-related but also attractively funded and can be used mainly for conference visits and stays abroad. In addition, we have many foreign scientists as guests, for example in our "Seminar Series".

My expectation of you as a doctoral student is that you are interested and willing to make a serious contribution to research. This interest and the skills required for this should also be reflected in your CV. Of course, grades reflect only part of your abilities, but if you have not achieved outstanding results in either your high school diploma or your university studies, at least in individual subjects, then your strengths probably lie outside the field of science.

It is advantageous at Goethe University Frankfurt that we have a very extensive PhD program. You can be admitted to this PhD program as a bachelor's graduate, which provides for a master's degree after two years and a PhD (i.e., doctoral degree) after another, approximately three years. If you are a Bachelor's graduate and are interested in doing a doctorate, then I strongly advise you to take this PhD program (i.e. a "Research Master" with a subsequent doctorate) and not a less research-oriented "Consecutive Master". Even without a PhD program, but then with a Master's degree, a doctorate is possible. Typically, it is advantageous if you are still attending one or the other course from the PhD program, e.g. the courses I offer.

If you are interested in a doctorate with me, you will find the current job offers here. You are also welcome to contact me if there is no specific job offer (email).