If you are interested writing your dissertation at my chair

I have always enjoyed working together with my doctoral students. It is a pleasure for me to see them improving their academic skills and I am very happy about the great developments many of them have been taking. I also enjoy that I had the opportunity to convince multiple international colleagues to work on joint projects with my doctoral students.

If your primary interest is to quickly finish your dissertation, I am certainly not the appropriate person to contact. My aim is to create a working environment that allows my doctoral students to finish their dissertation in approximately three years. From time to time, I also work together with external doctoral students. In most cases they finish their dissertation a bit quicker but it is important that they also spend a significant amount of their time at University of Frankfurt.

While there is the possibility to approach me at any time to discuss your project, we also organize a doctoral colloquium every three months. Here all doctoral students have enough time to present their projects and get feedback from me and also from the other doctoral students. Each doctoral student receives an attractive, performance-based research budget which can be used to visit conferences and spend time abroad.

Advantageous is that we offer at Goethe University Frankfurt an extensive PhD-program. This PhD-program is designed to reach a master degree after two years and a PhD, hence the doctoral degree, after an additional three years. If you are a bachelor student and interested in getting a doctoral degree, I highly recommend that you apply for this “research master” with subsequent doctoral studies.