Brief description of my research interests

At the core I'm doing research in three areas: electronic commerce and online marketing, customer value management as well as price management. I am particularly interested in developing models that support entrepreneurial decisions. For example, I've developed models that help companies to do an optimal search engine marketing (see and Skiera / Nabout (2013)), to determine optimal shipping costs or to assess whether "Deal-of-the -Day "sales promotions (" Groupon vouchers ") count ( or not. Right now I have developed the return cost calculator. It calculates quickly and easily for you the recoverable profits for various, under the new EU consumer directive possible scenarios that differ in the distribution of shipping and return costs to customers. This service is free, without obligation and the results are visible immediately.

In developing such models, I work very closely with business practice and have people who are very interested in economic issues and have very good formal knowledge, e.g. in the field of statistics, math and operations research. I work almost exclusively empirically and in many cases we work with very large data sets. Big Data has always been important to us.

Actually, I always start my research projects by asking what the problem is. After that, I wonder why the solution to the problem is important and if I have skills that will allow me to solve the problem better than many others. I find it very interesting to ask questions that are relatively new. For example, we are currently working with Interactive Media in the Real-Time Advertising Competence Center to create decision models that promote better real-time advertising, also known as real-time bidding.

In the field of customer value management, I deal intensively with the calculation of customer lifetime values. In addition to identifying ways to increase customer value in life, I am even more interested in how companies can be valued based on customer lifetime scores. Therefore, I have dealt extensively with finance and accounting topics and I am almost convinced that valuing companies based on the value of their clients often leads to better results than a "normal" discounted cash flow analysis which is often based on the observation of cash flows per period.

In the field of pricing, I am fascinated by the many new auctions that can be found on the internet, e.g. the new auctions for selling display advertising on advertising exchanges or Google Adwords auctions, as well as auctions such as "pay-per-bid auctions". Moreover, I firmly believe that increasing digitization will lead us to see more usage-based pricing.