Nils Gandlau


Statistical Modelling of Customer Behavior
Cohort Analysis
Customer Based Firm Valuation


Curriculum Vitae


Nils Gandlau studied Business and Economic Sciences (B.Sc.) and Business Informatics (M.Sc.) at Goethe University Frankfurt. In his master's degree he got hooked on the mathematical elegance of data science and thus attended every course on statistics, machine learning and pattern recognition he could find. In addition to data science, he became fascinated by theoretical computer science and became a tutor for a course that teaches its fundamentals.

During a semester off, Nils gained practical experience as a Data Scientist at Deutsche Bahn Analytics. He developed industry-ready models and software in R to predict conditional density distributions of numerical target variables such as dwell times and delays.

When not active in R Studio or Jupyter Notebook, Nils can most likely be found on the tennis court. Or - if the weather doesn't play along - at home at the canvas. In his paintings, he applies styles of famous artists to new subjects.