Shunyao Yan


Digital Advertising
Media Consumption
Information and Attention
Applied Econometrics
Machine Learning


Shunyao Yan (1994) holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Nanjing University, China. During her undergraduate studies, she spent a semester abroad studying business and law at the University of Sydney, Australia. Besides studying, she gained practical experience through internship in management consulting and led the tennis team of Nanjing University Business School.

Since October 2016, Shunyao Yan joined the PhD program at the Graduate School of Economics, Finance, and Management (GSEFM). Since August 2018, she is a research assistant at the chair of Electronic Commerce at Goethe University, Frankfurt.

Shunyao Yan’s current research focuses on the monetization of digital content, especially digital news. Her research analyzes how different revenue models shape the demand and supply sides of digital news, and eventually, how to develop new revenue model for digital news that can both do well (financially) and do good (for the society).

Selected Working Paper

"How Does the Adoption of Ad Blockers Affect News Consumption?”, R&R Journal of Marketing Research, previously titled "Do Ads Harm News Consumption?"

Shunyao Yan, Klaus M. Miller, Bernd Skiera

“Paywall and Content Polarization”

Shunyao Yan