Simeng Han


Marketing-Finance Interface
Electronic Commerce
Applied Econometrics
Textual Analysis
Machine Learning



      Simeng Han holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Beijing Language and Culture University, and a Master’s Degree in Management from Warwick Business School. Afterwards she gathered practical work experience at BMW-Brilliance Automotive, a joint venture of BMW in China, where she worked for three year as Senior Specialist Project Steering.

      In October 2017 Simeng Han joined the Ph.D.-program at the Graduate School of Economics, Finance and Management (GSEFM) and is since November 2018 a research assistant at the Chair of Electronic Commerce at Goethe University Frankfurt.

      Simeng Han's current research focuses on using unstructured data to understand firms' strategical focus. In particular, her research uses textual analysis to introduce new approaches for measuring the different strategical focuses of firms, and examines how the different strategical focuses develop over time, as well as what the financial implications such development has.



      Han, Simeng / Reinartz, Werner / Skiera, Bernd (2021), ”Capturing Retailers’ Brand and Customer Focus”, Journal of Retailing, forthcoming