Product Automation &Consumer Nostalgia: Identifying the Role of Emotional Memories&an Approach to Mitigate the Negative Adoption

Category: Marketing Seminar
When: 23 February 2021
, 12:15
 - 13:30
Where: Online Presentation
Speaker: Patrik Kremer

Patrik Kremer presents “Product Automation and Consumer Nostalgia: Identifying the Role of Emotional Memories and an Approach to Mitigate the Negative Effect on Adoption”


This article investigates the role of nostalgia on consumer reactions to product automation. A series of eight experiments with almost 2,700 participants converges on a consistent finding: a high (vs. low) degree of automation reduces consumers’ connection with valuable recollections of past consumption episodes, which in turn decreases product evaluations for nostalgic consumers. However, this mechanism only occurs for hedonic products, suggesting that highly nostalgic people do not generally resist automated high-tech products. Focusing on the hedonic task case, the authors identify boundary conditions and an intervention to mitigate this undesirable effect. The article closes by discussing managerial implications and presenting opportunities for further research.


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