Goethe-Marketing Department mit 14 Beiträgen auf der EMAC 2017!

European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), 23.05.-26.05.2017 in Groningen, NL

Das Goethe-Marketing Department ist dieses Jahr abermals stark auf der European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) vom 23.05 - 26.05. 2017 in Groningen vertreten. Insgesamt werden 14 Vorträge gehalten.


  • Beating the Going-Public Effect in Firm Innovation
    Simone Wies; Christine Moormann
  • Economic Consequences of Cookie Deletion
    Klaus Miller; Bernd Skiera

  • How Customer Referral Programs Turn Social Capital into Economic Capital
    Christophe van den Bulte; Emanuel Bayer; Bernd Skiera; Philipp Schmitt

  • Measuring Substitution And Complementarity Among Offers in Menu Based Choice Expermiments
    Tetyana Kosyakova; Thomas Otter; Sanjong Misra; Christian Neuerburg

  • Multiple Sources and Consequences, Yet Only One Experience? A Systematic Analysis of Processing Fluency Effects
    Laura K.M. Graf; Stefan Mayer; Jan Landwehr
  • Quantifying Marketing's Holy Grail: Digital Advertising's Impact on Firm Performance and Valuation
    Shuba Srinivasan; Emanuel Bayer; Edward Riedl; Bernd Skiera
  • Return Rate Calculation Method Matters: Evidence From 16 Retailers
    Namig Nurullayev; Siham El Kihal; Bernd Skiera; Christian Schulze

  • The Incremental Value of Unstructured Data in Predicting Customer Retention
    Evert de Haan; Elena Menichelli
  • The Influence of Parameters of Symbolic Advertising and Symbol Affinity on Consumers' Processing Fluency and Ad Responses
    Eliza Pott; Jan Landwehr

  • The Influence of Social Media Marketing on Consumers' Conversion Behaviour
    Lara Lobschat; Evert de Haan; Peter C. Verhoef; Stefan Sommer
  • The Impact of Ad Viewability on Advertising Effectiveness
    Christina Uhl; Nadia Abou Nabout; Klaus Miller
  • Too Good To Be True? Adverse Consequences of Discounts Used in Advance Selling Via Crowdfunding
    Daniel Blaseg; Christian Schulze; Bernd Skiera
  • Unlocked versus Locked-In Customers' Value in Contractural Setting
    Evert de Haan; Matilda Dorotic; Socrates Mokkas
  • Value of Third-Party Data for Targeting in Online Advertising
    Elham Maleki; Iman Ahmadi; Nadia Abou Nabout; Bernd Skiera