5 contributions at this year‘s EACR conference!

The Marketing Department contributes a total of 5 presentations to the most important European conference on consumer behavior

We are happy to announce that the Marketing Department will be represented with a total of 5 contributions at the most important European conference on consumer behavior, the European Association for Consumer Research Conference (EACR). We are looking forward to exciting presentations and discussions in Amsterdam!


  • “Effects of a Brand’s Warmth and Competence in Product Recalls” (Niklas Schröder, Dominik Hettich, & Torsten Bornemann)
  • “Wearing It Once for $20: Cost-per-Wear Information Increases Consumer Choice of High-Quality Clothing” (Lisa Eckmann & Fabian Rüger) 
  • “Need for Digital Detox: Development of a Scale to Measure the Preference for Reducing Digital Consumption” (Svenja Winkler, Lisa Eckmann, Torsten Bornemann, & Jan R. Landwehr) 
  • “The Dual Role of Fluency in Shaping Brand Evaluations” (Lisa Eckmann & Jan R. Landwehr)
  • “Robustness of Fluency Effects in Marketing Research - A Meta-Analysis” (Lennart Kehl & Jan R. Landwehr: Poster-Presentation)