DMV-ifo Marketing Barometer November 2018

Business climate in the marketing sector is weakening again

As in the previous month, the business climate in the marketing sector deteriorated slightly in November, with a decline of 0.5 points. The trend towards a continuous improvement in the perceived climate, which has existed since April of this year, thus appears to have come to an end for the time being. The background to the deterioration in November was the significant deterioration in business expectations (-1.8 points), which could not be offset by the moderately more positive perception of the business situation (+0.9 points).

The business climate also deteriorated in the German economy as a whole in November. As in the previous month, the ifo Business Climate Index lost -0.9 points in November and now stands at an index value of 102.0. The clear increase from August is thus finally negated. Conversely, the situation is the opposite when it comes to assessing the order backlog within the marketing sector. After the indicator had lost a total of 5.7 points in the last two months, this development was offset by an increase of 5.7 points in November. The indicator for the assessment of the order backlog is thus back at a balance value of 3.1 points. The indicators of price and sales expectations at least partially compensated for the losses of the previous month. The former was able to contrast the previous loss of 1.6 points in November with an increase of 1.2 points. The latter continued its highly volatile course and, after a minus of 7.0 points in the previous month, regained 5.0 points. The situation was different with the indicator for hiring plans. After the strongest loss in more than three years (-10.3% points) in the previous month, the indicator only managed to regain a marginal 0.4 points.


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