Goethe marketing department with 16 papers at EMAC 2019

European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), 28th-31st May 2019 in Hamburg

Again the Goethe marketing department is highly represented at the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) from 28th - 31st May 2019 in Hamburg. We are attending the conference with a total of 16 papers and are pleased to be nominated two times for the Overall Best Paper Award Based on a Doctoral Thesis (Top 20 Articles).


Consumer Reactions to Automated Products: Two Experiments on the Role of Task Hedonism and Consumer Nostalgia
Patrick Kremer, Sven Feurer, Ju-Young Kim

Consumer Sophistication and Exploitative Contracts: The Case of Digital Newspaper Subscriptions
Klaus Miller, Navdeep Sahni

Do Ads Harm News Consumption?
Shunyao Yan, Klaus Miller, Bernd Skiera

Feeling Worried, Not Safe: Insights Into the Insurance Price Risk Signal
Jochen Reiner, Julia Wamsler, Martin Natter

How Do Users React to Changes in Privacy Notices?
Julia Schmitt, Klaus Miller, Bernd Skiera

Managing and Analyzing Big Data
Klaus Miller

Market Evolution Mapping
Maximilian Matthe, Daniel M. Ringel, Bernd Skiera
Nominiert für den Overall Best Paper Award Based on a Doctoral Thesis (Top 20 Articles)

Marketing Strategy and Startup Performance
Zhuoer Qiu, Simone Wies

Myopic Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Simone Wies*, Mohamed Genedy


Probably a Good Choice: How Probabilistic Decoy Goods Affect the Choice of Transparent Goods Wiebke Klingemann, Ju-Young Kim

Satisfaction Surveys or Online Sentiment: Which One Best Predicts Firm Performance?
Evert de Haan

Search Engine Visibility and Shareholder Value: Financial Markets Valuation of a Firm’s Visibility in Organic Search

Gabriela Alves Werb


The Effect of Weather on Users‘ Online Behavior

Steffen Foersch, Bernd Skiera, Klaus Miller

The perils of ignoring the budget constraint in single-unit demand models
Max J. Pachali, Peter Kurz, Thomas Otter

The Role of Age in New Product Adoption

Dominik Hettich, Stefan Hattula, Torsten Bornemann

* Nominiert für den Overall Best Paper Award Based on a Doctoral Thesis (Top 20 Articles)


Utilizing Physical Location Data to Better Understand Online Customer Journeys
Rene Laub, Evert de Haan, Bernd Skiera

Special Interest Group “Digital Marketing” (organisiert von Evert de Haan und Lara Lobschat) Panelteilnehmer: P.K. Kannan, Koen Pauwels, Arvind Rangaswamy, Raoul Kübler

Special Interest Group „Marketing Strategy“ (organisiert von Simone Wies)
Panelteilnehmer: Prof. Christine Moorman (Duke University) und Prof. Nirmalya Kumar (SMU)

Special Session „Online Advertising and Privacy Protection“ (organsiert von Klaus Miller und Bernd Skiera)
Sessionteilnehmer: Dana Turjeman (University of Michigan), Christopher Schumacher (University of St. Gallen), Pierre-Nicolas Schwab (Founder IntoTheMinds)

Special Session "New Insights from Behavioral Pricing: Implications for Marketing Strategy" (organisiert von Jochen Reiner und Lucas Stich)
Sessionteilnehmer: Jochen Reiner (Goethe University Frankfurt), Vincent Mak (University of Cambridge), Lucas Stich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Skander Esseghaier (ESADE Business School)


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