Chair of Electronic Commerce

We investigate questions concerning the internet, particularly electronic commerce (e.g., optimal shipping costs and return management), online-marketing (e.g., real-time advertising, search engine optimization, search engine marketing), social media management, pricing and customer management. We work together in numerous projects with companies and international researchers, e.g. from Wharton School (USA), Boston University (USA) or Singapore Management University (Singapore). In the eFinance-Lab, we also work on interdisciplinary topics with colleges from other disciplines such as computer science or finance. We collaborate very closely with Interactive Media in our Real-Time Advertising Competence Center.

We are open for new projects with companies, especially on questions concerning the internet (e.g. real-time advertising, shipping cost optimization, search engine optimization) and have continuous interest in doctoral and post-doctoral students, who are ambitious to work in a highly motivated team on scientifically exciting and managerially relevant problems. If you are interested please contact us at (skiera[at]wiwi.uni-frankfurt[dot]de).