Prof. Dr. Bernd Skiera


Marketing Analytics
Electronic Commerce
Online Advertising
Data Driven Marketing
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Customer Management
Marketing Technologies ("MarTech")
Sales Technologies ("SalesTech")
Integration Platforms as a Service ("iPaas")
Online Consumer Privacy

About me

In 1999, I took over the first chair of electronic commerce in Germany at Goethe University Frankfurt. In addition, I am a member of the managing board of the EFL-The Data Science Institute as well as the Schmalenbach Society and I am representing Germany as a “National Representative” at the European Marketing Community (EMAC).

My research interests include MarTech and SalesTech, electronic commerce (especially Amazon Market Place), online marketing (in particular programmatic advertising, real-time bidding and pricing), marketing analytics (including machine learning), the evaluation of the economic impact of more online consumer privacy (especially via the acquired ERC-Grant on „Economic Consequences of Restrictions on the Usage of Cookies“) and value-based customer management (Customer Lifetime Values, Customer Equity, Customer-Based Corporate Valuation (CBCV)).

I am privileged to have the opportunity to operate in a very good international network, enjoy publishing and attach great importance to the training of young scientists. 13 of the doctoral students for whom I was the first supervisor (4 of them women) are nowadays professors in Germany and abroad (e.g. London Business School, University of North Carolina), 9 of them in lifetime positions.

In research rankings I am often very well placed, such as 20th and 42nd in the two global rankings of the American Marketing Association (AMA). In the most recent Handelsblatt ranking (2014) of all German-speaking business administration professors (over 2000 persons), I was ranked first for my research performance over the past 5 years.

My first professional activity was that of a software developer at SAP, where I first programmed in Assembler and then developed one of the first dialog-enabled application in ABAP. The time there has shaped me a lot and contributed significantly to the fact that I am particularly interested in questions related to the interface between information systems and marketing.

I like to spend my free time with my wife and our three, but now grown-up and independent children. My daughters share with me my passion for skiing and my son my passion for chess, which I used to pursue much more intensively when I was young. With my wife I like to explore the area by bike.