Prof. Dr. Bernd Skiera


Marketing Analytics
Electronic Commerce
Online Advertising
Data Driven Marketing
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Customer Management
Marketing Technologies ("MarTech")
Sales Technologies ("SalesTech")
Integration Platforms as a Service ("iPaas")
Online Consumer Privacy

About me

In 1999, I took over the first chair of electronic commerce in Germany at Goethe University Frankfurt. In addition, I am a member of the managing board of the efl-The Data Science Institute as well as the Schmalenbach Society and I am representing Germany as a “National Representative” at the European Marketing Community (EMAC).

My research interests include MarTech and SalesTech, electronic commerce (especially Amazon Market Place), online marketing (in particular programmatic advertising, real-time bidding and pricing), marketing analytics (including machine learning), the evaluation of the economic impact of more online consumer privacy (especially via the acquired ERC-Grant on „Economic Consequences of Restrictions on the Usage of Cookies“) and value-based customer management (Customer Lifetime Values, Customer Equity, Customer-Based Corporate Valuation (CBCV)).

I am privileged to have the opportunity to operate in a very good international network, enjoy publishing and attach great importance to the training of young scientists. 15 of the doctoral students for whom I was the first supervisor (5 of them women) are nowadays professors in Germany and abroad (e.g. London Business School, University of North Carolina), 11 of them in lifetime positions.

In research rankings I am often very well placed, such as 20th and 42nd in the two global rankings of the American Marketing Association (AMA). In the most recent Handelsblatt ranking (2014) of all German-speaking business administration professors (over 2000 persons), I was ranked first for my research performance over the past 5 years.

My first professional activity was that of a software developer at SAP, where I first programmed in Assembler and then developed one of the first dialog-enabled application in ABAP. The time there has shaped me a lot and contributed significantly to the fact that I am particularly interested in questions related to the interface between information systems and marketing.

I like to spend my free time with my wife and our three, but now grown-up and independent children. My daughters share with me my passion for skiing and my son my passion for chess, which I used to pursue much more intensively when I was young. With my wife I like to explore the area by bike.