Guideline to scientific writing

You can download a sample file (DOC format) for the preparation of a seminar, bachelor or master thesis  here.

In addition, we have compiled a series of notes for the preparation of seminar papers, bachelor or master theses.

In addition, it should be noted that a comprehensive picture of a thesis is only visible when it can be read in one piece. Even if all of the advisors' hints to the editor of a thesis are always intended to improve the work, these hints must always be classified as non-binding.

It is therefore not possible to refer to the supposed "blessing" of certain passages of the work!

Plagiarism check at all professorships of the department


From now on all submitted seminar, bachelor and master theses will be tested with a plagiarism software ( The thesis must be submitted there by the student. Without the submission no grading of the thesis can be done.

You can register for the plagiarism software here. A short instruction how it works can be found here.

Further information and registration data (course name and password) can be obtained from your supervisor.

IMPORTANT: Please print out and submit the "digital receipt" and the form for agreement!