Goethe-Marketing Department mit acht Beiträgen auf der ISMS Marketing Science Conference 2018!

ISMS Marketing Science Conference, 13.-16. Juni 2018 in Philadelphia, USA

Das Goethe-Marketing Department ist dieses Jahr abermals stark auf der Marketing Science Conference vertreten. Insgesamt werden acht Vorträge gehalten:


Economic Loss of Cookie Lifetime Restrictions
Klaus Miller, Bernd Skiera

Proleptic Market Analysis: Market Analysis Based on Consumers’ Attention
Elham Maleki, Daniel Ringel, Bernd Skiera

The Impact of Ad Viewability on Advertising Effectiveness
Christina Uhl, Klaus Miller, Nadia About Nabout

The Incremental Value of Unstructured Data in Predicting Customer Retention
Evert de Haan, Elena Menichelli

The Power of Deep Neural Networks: How Machine Learning can Advance the Forecasting of Product Success Based on Aesthetic Appearance
Stefan Mayer, Jan R. Landwehr, Oliver Beck

The Risk Signal of Price Among Complementary Products: Evidence from Innovative Short-term Insurances
Jochen Reiner, Julia Wamlser, Martin Natter

There Are Many Ways to Answer Survey Items: A Model--based Exploration using Eye-tracking Data
Joachim Büschken, Ulf Böckenholt, Thomas Otter

Visibility-at-risk: An Approach to Estimate a Firm's Risk of Losing Visibility in Organic Search
Christian Doppler, Gabriela Alves Werb, Bernd Skiera



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