Marketing Department mit insgesamt 19 Beiträgen bei der wichtigsten europäischen Marketingkonferenz EMAC

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass das Marketing Department mit insgesamt 19 Beiträgen bei der wichtigsten europäischen Marketingkonferenz, der EMAC, vertreten ist und freuen uns auf spannende Vorträge und Diskussionen in Bukarest!


Competitive Papers

Understanding Consumer Responses to Product Recalls: The Role of a Brand's Warmth and Competence (Schröder, Hettich, Bornemann)

Unveiling the Unique Value of Physical B2B Trade Fairs: Mutual Social Construction of the Trade Show Reality (Feldner, Hettich, Bornemann)

Embracing Entrepreneurship in the Creator Economy (Wies, Edeling)

What is the Value of Marketing Knowledge in Organisations? (Moorman, Wies, Hilfrich)

Bridging between Hypothetical and Incentivized Choice (Laghaie, Otter)

Identification of Simple and Complex Utility Aspects in Rational Inattention Discrete Choice Models (Fina)

Flagging Frequently Returned Products under Consumer Information Processing (Turlo)

Using Generative AI to Provide Scalable Feedback to Extensive Exercises in Marketing Analytics (Jürgensmeier, Skiera)

Forward-Looking Disclosure of Customer Metrics in IPO Prospectuses and IPO Performance (Han, Bayer, Skiera)

Relationship between Size of Wallet, Share of Wallet and Total Wallet: New Insights from the Blockchain (Hanneke, Skiera, Kraft, Hinz)

The Impact of Google's Manifest Version 3 (MV3) on Ad Blockers' Effectiveness (Lukic)

Privacy Promise vs. Tracking Reality in Pay-or-Tracking Walls (Müller-Tribbensee)

Investigating the Effect of a Retail Platform’s Recommendation of a Seller (Reiner, Rutz, Skiera)

Resale Royalties in the Creator Economy: Evidence from Digital Asset Markets (Hanneke, Chuang, Skiera, Hinz)

Transparency and Privacy-Compliance in Mobile App Markets (Kraft, Kesler, Skiera, Koschella)

The Critical Role of Marketing in ESG investments – Firm Performance Relationship (Yusof, Skiera)

Distilling Robust Processing Fluency Manipulations: A Direct and Conceptual Replication Approach (Kehl, Landwehr)


Special Sessions

Online Consumer Privacy I & II (Skiera, Miller)