Research Talks

Date Speaker Topic
22 Jan 2014 Prof. Aurélie Lemmens, Tilburg School of Economics and Management tba
27 Jan 2014 Prof. Avi Goldfarb, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto tba
05 Feb 2014 Dr. Martin Meißner, Universität Bielefeld Do Motivated and Incidental Processing Distort Conjoint Choices?
25 Mär 2014 Prof. Nina Mazar, University of Toronto Probabilistic Price Promotions - When Retailing and Las Vegas Meet
09 Apr 2014 Ludo Waltmann, Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University tba
23 Apr 2014 Dr. Christine Eckert, University of Technology Sydney tba
30 Apr 2014 Carlos J.S. Lourenco, Rotterdam School of Management Using Preferred Outcome Distributions to Estimate Value and Probability Weighting Functions in Decisions under Risk
02 Jun 2014 Prof. Dr. Tülin Erdem, NYU tba
18 Jun 2014 Prof. Dr. Ed Malthouse, Northwest University tba
09 Jul 2014 Puneet Manchanda, University of Michigan Quantifying Cross-network Effects in Online C2C Platforms
11 Sep 2014 Evert De Haan, University of Groningen The Effectiveness of Different Forms of Online Advertising for Purchase Conversion in a Multiple-Channel Attribution Framework
22 Sep 2014 Alexia Gaudeul, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Do consumers prefer offers that are easy to compare? An experimental investigation
25 Sep 2014 Thomas Eichentopf, RSM, Erasmus University Do Business Cycles change the impact of focal and competitive new product introductions on stock perfomance?
26 Sep 2014 Karolien Notebaert, KU Leuven Apple Mac or Windows? It’s in Your Brain: Neural Connectivity During Rest Predicts Brand Preferences
29 Okt 2014 Prof. Marc Fischer, University of Cologne How useful are Brand Valuation Methods for Brand Management? A Validation Study
05 Nov 2014 Prof. Dr. Jan Schumann, University of Passau tba
03 Dez 2014 Dr. Joern Grahl, University of Mainz The Impact of User-Generated Content on Sales: A Randomized Field Experiment
08 Dez 2014 Dr. Klaus Miller, University of Bern The Suitability of Direct Willingness to Pay Measurement Approaches for Pricing Decision Making
09 Dez 2014 Dr. Erik Maier, ESCP Berlin The double benefits of consumer certainty: combining risk and range effects
11 Dez 2014 Ossama Elshiewy, University of Göttingen How Nutrition Fact Labels Alter Health Halos: Misleading Nutrition Claims versus Serving Size Manipulation
14 Jan 2015 Christian Hildebrand, Universität St. Gallen The Facebook Mindset Effect: Incidental Exposure to Facebook Reduces Consumers’ Self-Focus and Promotes Conservative Product Cho
06 Feb 2015 Prof. Dr. Torsten Bornemann, Universität Stuttgart Probabilistic Price Discounts – Consequences for Reference Price Formation and Repurchasing
15 Apr 2015 Prof. Dr. Selin Atalay, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management When And How Multitasking Impacts Consumer Shopping Task Performance
24 Apr 2015 Prof. Prasad Naik, UC Davis Understanding the Impact of Measurement Unreliability on Marketing Budget and Allocations
29 Apr 2015 Professor Ashwin Malshe, ESSEC (Singapore Campus) „The Impact of Earned and Owned Social Media on Customer-Based Brand Equity and Shareholder Value
15 Mai 2015 Prof. Peter Lenk, University of Michigan Bayesian Insights
20 Mai 2015 Prof. Sha Yang, University of Southern California Assimilation or Differentiation? Investigating the Effect of Competition on Sponsored Search Advertisers’ Keyword Decisions
03 Jun 2015 Katrijn Gielens UNC-Chapel Hill Clean Up (or Be Cleaned Out)! The Effect of a Retailer Sustainability Mandate on Supplier Performance
10 Jun 2015 Skander Esseghaier, Koc University, Istanbul Value-added resellers participation in the design of a firm’s new generations of products?
16 Okt 2015 Prof. Dr. Kamel Jedidi, Columbia Business School Seminar Series: Elimination by Aspects as a Logit Model
21 Okt 2015 Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber, Universität Bonn, Center for Economics and Neuroscience Seminar Series: The Neurobiology of financial choice
03 Feb 2016 Prof. Dr. Joachim Vosgerau, Bocconi University, Milan Seminar Series: More Similar but Less Satisfying: Comparing Preferences for and the Efficacy of Within- and Cross-Category Subst
29 Feb 2016 Prof. Dr. Harikesh S. Nair, Stanford University Seminar Series: Does Advertising Serve as a Signal? Evidence from Field Experiments in Mobile Search
18 Apr 2016 Prof. Dr. Florian Stahl, University of Mannheim | Mannheim Business School Seminar Series: "A Latent Change Point Model for Intertemporal Discounting with Reference Durations"
20 Apr 2016 Ass. Prof. Dr. Anja Lambrecht, London Business School Seminar Series: "Advertising to Early Trend Propagators? Evidence from Twitter“
26 Apr 2016 Prof. Dr. Thomas Reutterer, WU Wien Seminar Series: "Ticking Away the Moments: Understanding Customers’ Timing Decisions Can Help to Improve Customer Valuation"
29 Apr 2016 Prof. Dr. Torsten Bornemann, Universität Stuttgart Sem: "Does Continuous Change Really Pay Off? Financial Implications of Time Pacing for Successive Product Generation Management“
17 Mai 2016 Dr. Karl Isler, Head of Revenue Management, Swiss AG „Revenue Management in the Airline Industry“
23 Mai 2016 Mitch Lovett, Simon Business School, University of Rochester Seminar Series: Private Labels and Retailer Profitability: Bilateral Bargaining in the Grocery Channel
01 Jun 2016 Assistant Professor Frank German, University of Notre Dame Seminar Series: Performance Implications of Customer Analytics: Perception vs. Reality
06 Jul 2016 Prof. Dr. Dr. John Zhang, Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania Customer Portfolio Management in the Age of Big Data
13 Jul 2016 Prof. Dr. Christophe van den Bulte, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Seminar Series: Participation vs. Effectiveness of Paid Endoresers in Social Advertising Campaigns: A Field Experiment
18 Jul 2016 Dr. Nico Neumann, University of South Australia The Elephant in the Room: Ad Fraud
13 Sep 2016 Prof. Dr. Arvind Rangaswamy, Penn State Smeal College The Consideration Process: Insights from Modeling Clickstream Data
19 Okt 2016 Dr. Adrian Camilleri, RMIT University Consumer Judgment and Decision-making When Using Online Review Scores
26 Okt 2016 Professor Nooshin L. Warren, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona How Investors React to New Product Releases Announced Concurrently with Other Corporate News
02 Nov 2016 Professor Alexander Bleier, Boston College – Carroll School of Management How Content Factors Influence the Performance of Online Product Listings
25 Jan 2017 Prof. Dr. Oliver Emrich, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz Personalizing mental fit for online shopping applications
07 Mär 2017 Daniel McCarthy, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Customer-based Corporate Valuation
08 Mär 2017 Daniel McCarthy, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Valuing Non-Contractual Firms Using Common Customer Metrics
27 Mär 2017 Elea McDonnell Feit, Drexel University Increasing the power of experiments to measure advertising response
31 Mär 2017 Prof. Dr. P. K. Kannan, University of Maryland Enhancing Freemium Model Performance: Impact of Product Line Extensions
19 Apr 2017 Dr. Nino Hardt, Ohio State University Reconciling Stated and Revealed Preferences
05 Mai 2017 Dr. Daniel M. Bartels, University of Chicago Anchors, Target Values, and Credit Card Payments
17 Mai 2017 Dr. Kosuke Uetake, Yale School of Management Success Breeds Success: Weight Loss Dynamics in the Presence of Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
19 Mai 2017 Prof. Dr. Peter Rossi, UCLA Anderson School of Management The Value of Flexible Work: Evidence from Uber Drivers
31 Mai 2017 Steffen Försch und Stefan Mayer, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt R: It's not only about statistics
27 Jun 2017 Prof. Dr. Pradeep K. Chintagunta, University of Chicago Booth School of Business Price Uncertainty and Market Power in Retail Gasoline: The Case of an Italian Highway
28 Aug 2017 Nico Neumann (University of South Australia) The Causes and Consequences of Inaccuracies in Ad Targeting and Measurement: Evidence from Empirical Field Tests
30 Aug 2017 Dr. Stephan Seiler (Stanford Graduate School of Business) Estimating Search Models with Panel Data: Identification and Re-Examination of Preference Heterogeneity
31 Aug 2017 Dr. Renana Peres (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) There’s No Free Lunch Conversation: The Effect of Brand Advertising on Word of Mouth
11 Sep 2017 Dr. Till Haumann (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) How Customers’ Attributions of Coproduction Motives Shape Marketing Outcomes Over Time
12 Sep 2017 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marcel Lichters (Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg) Product Acceptance Tests in Sensory Labs, Virtual Environments, and Field Settings: A Consumer Segmentation Perspective
26 Sep 2017 Dr. Sebastian Tillmanns (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) Understanding the Quality–Quantity Conundrum of Customer Referral Programs
27 Sep 2017 Prof. Dr. Sascha Raithel (Freie Universität Berlin) All Weather Brand Managament: Some Empirical Findings About Brands In Sunny And Cloudy Conditions
04 Okt 2017 Prof. Dr. Ju-Young Kim (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) tba
14 Nov 2017 Dr. ir. Maarten Gijsenberg (University of Groningen) tba
21 Nov 2017 Prof. Dr. Michelle Sovinsky (University of Mannheim) tba
28 Nov 2017 Prof. Dr. Günter J. Hitsch (The University of Chicago Booth School of Business) Optimal Targeting Using Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
12 Dez 2017 Dr. Christine Eckert (University of Technology Sydney) tba
15 Jan 2018 Prof. Dr. Peter C. Verhoef (University of Groningen) tba
30 Jan 2018 Dr. Hannes Datta (University of Tilburg) tba
20 Mär 2018 Dr. Yakov Bart (Northeastern University) tba